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Lieutenant Paula Winchester

Name Paula Winchester

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5FT 7"
Weight 140 Lbs
Hair Color Brown wavey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description All though Paula is the same height as before being changed by the Q, she still has a size a man


Children Davina Winchester (Adoptive Daughter)
Father Sean Winchester
Mother Mary Winchester
Brother(s) Paul Winchester

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paula is fun loving and is a kind-hearted person. However: she still often thinks of herself as a man after the Q changed her gender. Because she lived the majority of her life as a man, she is attracted to women.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
She now Understands both genders. after all, she had been through since she had started life as a man.

Has a bad temper
Ambitions Her main ambition is to gain a Command of her own, showing Starfleet Command what they have missed these past few years
Hobbies & Interests Paula's hobbies include 3 D-Chess and old novels, such as Robert Ludlum's Ja Bourne and other action thrillers swimming and archery.

Personal History History
Paul was born to Shaun and Mary Winchester on the 14th of May 2365 in London, England - Earth. When Paul was a young lad, he used to dream about going to the stars. Every night he would look up at the stars and wish that one day he could go into space. It was a promise his father had made him.

During his teen years, Paul always looked to the stars knowing full well that his destiny lay up there. He began training for his pilot's licence, as he hoped it would hold him in good stead for when he applied to Starfleet Academy.

Paul had a few good things in his life, such as being a qualified pilot and fun times with his family at their summer retreat. On holiday retreats, he and his family visited planets like Vulcan, Risa and many others he could not remember

After his last holiday to Risa, he received news that he had been accepted for Starfleet Academy as soon as he turned 18. He would then have realized his dream to explore the universe and see other worlds outside the Federation.

After getting into trouble at the Academy, Paul thought that it would be a good idea to join the Starfleet Marines; to tame his aggressive nature. He could still see the stars and fulfil his dream of setting foot on other planets.

After his training cruise, Paul was assigned to the USS Odin, where after saving the life of his squadron leader whilst in battle, Paul was forced to take command of the squad. His squad had to look to him for leadership as most of the men were scared. Paul knew he had to get himself, the men and his leader back to the base. Whilst saving his squad leader, Paul promised that he would get the man home. Paul always believed that if you gave a promise, you kept it.

Paul later became the squad leader on the USS Odin after he had proved himself in battle, earning him a promotion from Private to Second Lieutenant. Later, he took the squad name 'Green Avengers'.

Three years later, Paul was assigned to the USS Cambrian, where he took the 'Green Avengers' with him, Creating, in his opinion, the best squad in the Fleet. Whilst aboard the Cambrian, Paul's reputation grew in stature and promise. He also developed a knack for handling a fighter craft.

Paul later took the position of Chief Air Group Commander; after he had been passed over for promotion a number of times by the Marine CO. A few years later, on his birthday, Paul received his promotion to Marine Captain for his outstanding record and service. Paul was later demoted to ACAG and hoped that his next assignment upon the USS Bismarck would bring more respect to the Corps.

However, Starfleet saw that he would be good at engineering and posted him in that position. It wasn't until he reported into his new captain, and new ship, that he had the misfortune to meet Q. In his wisdom, after the captain had refused Q's request at marriage, Q altered Paul into Paula, a female version of himself.

Whilst serving on the Nagasaki, both the Q continuum managed to undo Q's mess, and in doing so, Paula found herself looking at her own male counterpart, who took the name Paul, and the life she once had.

After leaving the Nagasaki, Paula found herself assigned to Triton sea-base, after a year Paula had found herself yet again reassigned this time to Obsidian Colony.

After the problems with the settlement going nuts, Paula was transferred along with the rest of the Officers of the colony to the USS Draconis; within a month the Captain resigned and now Paula sets off to a new challenge.

Within a month, she was moved to the USS Victorious and was soon headhunted for the return to Obsidian Colony by it's new Chief Security Officer it was there that she found herself finding that she had been made Guardian of Davina who she later adopted before being reassigned to the USS Gladiator.
Service Record Service Record 2373-2374 cadet years 1 General Studies
2376-2377 Marine basic training
2377-2378 Marine advanced training
2378-2379 Sniper training
2379-2380 Training cruise USS Odin

Service Record
2380-2381 Fighter pilots USS Cambrian
2381-2381 CAG USS Cambrian
2381-2382 ACAG USS Cambrian
2382-2383 AGAG USS Cambrian
2383-2384 CEO USS Soval
2384- 2386 CEO USS Journeyman
2386- 2389 COO USS Iwo Jima
2389- 2392 CEO USS Nagasaki
2392- 2392 COO Triton Sea-base
2392- 2392 COO Obsidian Colony
2392- 2392 COO USS Draconis
2392-2392 CSO USS Victorious
2392-2392 CSO Obsidian Colony
2392- 2392 CSO Uss Gladiator