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Lieutenant Natasha Winchester

Name Natasha Winchester

Position S.C.E. Team Lead

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 180 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Natasha is a very bland woman, but someone who comes across as attractive, nonetheless, despite her ignorance of makeup, or the concept of 'doing up one's hair'.

She also has a very confident air to herself, that many mistake for overconfidence, and routinely attempt to undermine. She tends to react poorly to this, and her anger manifests quite visible in her posture.


Spouse N/A
Father Allan Winchester(Deceased)
Mother Genevieve Winchester(New Zealand Penal Colony)
Sister(s) Antoinette Winchester(Twin), (New Zealand Penal colony)

Personality & Traits

General Overview While friendly, Tasha is a touch on the volatile side, and has a hard time taking criticism of her work. She can be a touch easy to anger, in this manner, but is otherwise quite outgoing.

She has a terrible habit of rambling, and using technical terms, when normal words can do. She's also uncomfortable in silence, and will often play music, or a recorded audio file, so as to avoid having to listen to the dreaded sound of one hand clapping.
Strengths & Weaknesses While Natasha is quite competent, her attitude can be a touch much for some to handle, and her capacity as a combatant is particularly lacking.

She's also not comfortable in quiet settings, which set her on edge, and can impede her ability to focus. She rarely agrees to talk about why this is.

She also has a phobia of sleep, which can be both a strength, or a detriment.
Ambitions To be Good Enough(Though she's never explained what that means)
Hobbies & Interests Natasha is quite diverse in her interests, as she attempts to keep her mind occupied. Between holonovels, reading new technical papers, cooking(when the occasion calls for it), and, if off duty, enjoying proper dance clubs, just as a base start. She's also quite open to learning new hobbies, if it means avoiding her primary enemy; Sleep.

Personal History Natasha grew up on a private vessel, and by private vessel, one means "pirate" vessel. Her parents, self, and sister, alongside the crew, were apprehended by Starfleet, when she was 12.

Foster care was an unkind place, and while her sister ran away, and found a way in to her parent's previous life. Natasha, however, saw another way out of the boring life ahead.

She studied. Hard. She used her knowledge of fiddling with her parent's ship, to gain access to Starfleet Academy, and redoubled her studying efforts, in order to get out of the life her family had chosen. She also partied, nearly as hard, when she could get away with it.

Attempts by various psychiatrists to get her in to a standard human sleeping pattern have repeatedly failed, without the use of sleep aiding medications.

Her family ties have repeatedly impeded her career, alongside her temper, since, and she strongly suspects they were responsible for her being assigned outside the normal chains of command, in to far flung areas of space.
Service Record Starfleet Academy:
Engineering Major

U.S.S. Tofino:
Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering Officer
Reprimands: Unprofessional conduct. (x5)

U.S.S. Nicholls
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Engineer, Engineering Officer
Reprimands: Unprofessional conduct. (x6), Suspension from duty for 6 months (Striking an Officer)[Successfully Contested]*

*During a Romulan attack on the Nicholls, the Chief Engineer refused to allow her to complete experimental repairs on one of the weapons systems, mid-combat, and she chose to do it, anyway. In spite of the fact that the Commanding Officer of the Nicholls attributed the success of the combat to her hasty repairs, and unusual methodology, her section chief attempted to bring up charges against her, which were denied by the Commanding Officer. This did not prevent her from striking said Chief Engineer. It was later successfully contested in court that while this was certainly unprofessional conduct, the repeated attempts by her section chief, to sabotage her career, were 'provoking' the assault, and that it was a one time event. The Commanding Officer successfully not only managed to argue the charges in to being dropped, but to also get her transferred to a position more appropriate to her expertise.

U.S.S. Galileo
S.C.E. Detachment
S.C.E. Team Leader