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Ambassador Dior Melag

Name Dior Melag

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Dalacari
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 197 lbs
Hair Color White-Blue
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Both of the women named Dior Melag look identical, from eye color to fur color to hair color, and bear a resemblance to an evolved and humanoid version of the Earth creature known as an 'ermine'. The pair stand at 5'10" each, with long hair, generous figures, and a thick furred tail trailing behind them. Each of them serving as a distraction for the other as they go about their day to day lives.

Soft and friendly, Dior's grey eyes dazzle in any light, though some would be put off by her mouthful of rather sharp teeth, and while her hands show signs of vestigial claws, they're hardly more then just something to paint.

The pair are practically inseparable, always walking together as a pair. Everywhere they go, the two of them are together. This is due to the traits of the Dalacari.

Every Dalacari birth results in twins, and those twins are linked via a low-level telepathic bond, forming before their bodies finish forming in the womb. They believe that their souls are too big for one body, and therefore they are all twins, born with a best friend and confidant.

They've been known to finish each others sentences, talk in unison, walk in unison, and trade tasks effortlessly. They both respond to their name, "Dior Melag".


Spouse Hisal Melag
Children None (Pending Republic Approval)
Father Usa Toral
Mother Nila Toral
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various Uncles and Aunts and Cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dior Melag is a calm and patient person to speak with. Her training in diplomacy shines in almost every action she takes, and her focused training in dealing with Single Instance lifeforms will never be put more to the test than out in the dark aboard a Starfleet starbase.

Her one true reminder of home, aside from various pictures and vids, is her personal attendant drone, Willow-38. Like all personal attendants, the drone is a military series that has been sufficiently de-militarized to serve in the public sector.
Strengths & Weaknesses One would think that having two physical bodies would be a huge benefit, but it means that Dior technically consumes twice as much water, air, and food as any singular person. She can literally have two points of view of any subject, and can do the work of two people, but can still only come to one final opinion. She is well learned, having had access to practically a library of knowledge both home and in academy, though there's a world of difference between Book Smart and Street Smart.

Dior cannot bear to be separated from her other self for long, and often grows uncertain or just incredibly insular until the two of her are reunited. At current, the maximum distance she can be separated from herself before anxiety kicks in is 10 meters. Though, line of sight must be maintained at these distances or she becomes fidgety and nervous far before that mark.

Her strength of personality is her true strength, though. She's friendly, open, honest, and cheerful. All the qualities to make a long term friend, and a marvelous initial-contact diplomat.

Like all Dalacari, she is hesitant to enter a military controlled situation. Her race puts defense before offense anytime, and she will usually always be looking for a solution not involving firearms. Or injury.
Ambitions Dior aspires for peace. As long as there is a desire for peace, she says, there's hope. Diplomacy is the art of achieving hope.
Hobbies & Interests Dior is inquisitive and curious even by Dalacari standards. She loves to learn about new races and new people, new cultures and new ideas. Even technologies and sciences that seem mildly off-putting or even offensive to her can still fascinate her.

Personal History Assigned as the diplomatic representative of the Dalacari Republic. Has a personal civilian assistance drone designated Willow-38