Meeting one of the many Winchesters

Posted on Sun Mar 17, 2019 @ 3:01pm by Ensign Kare Moiraborn & Lieutenant Paula Winchester

Mission: That's No Moon...
Location: Odins Bar
Timeline: Prior to the yellow alert

"Hi, uhm - " Kare's voice rumbled, a deep resonating basso profundo. "Lieutenant Winchester, is it?" Kare stood near her table, plate of some meat dish in his hands. "I've seen you around, but I don't think we've ever properly met. May I join you?"

"Of Course, Please take a seat," replied Paula looking back at the Officer in front of her, Paula continued, "I'm Paula Winchester and you are?" as she asked the question, she knew that she had to get to know others on the station and this was the first step. as she leaned back in her chair, she wondered if Davina had started to make friends here.

"Ensign Kare Moiraborn, tactical officer." his deep resounding basso profundo rumbled, felt as much as heard. He flicked an ear then sat down opposite Paula and sat his plate down on the table. "Though I also do security duties. Equally practiced and trained in both." A nod and a smile. "Guess that means you're my boss."

"Yes it does," replied Paula looking back at the young Ensign, She continued "and when we are off duty It's Paula and when we are on duty Its Lieutenant Winchester or Ma'am," as she wanted to put the young woman at ease. She finished, "So tell me about yourself?" as she picked up the cold glass of Coke.

He considered a moment, while consuming an almost impossibly large portion of his equally almost impossibly large meat dish. "Well, I'm a Sirran, one of three on the station. We're a race of large caninoid carnivores from the Gamma quadrant. I'm 43, which sounds a lot older than it is. I'm a young adult, roughly equivalent to a 25 year old human."

"I majored in the use and maintenance of heavy weapons with a minor in ship-to-ship tactical combat." he took a swig of his large drink, a tea of sort.

"So you know how to keep the weapons in top condition," replied Paula looking back at him, "How are you with other forms of weapons?" as she wanted all the Security staff to understand other weapons and not hope that they have their side arm.

"Passed in the 80th percentile in marksmanship with the Type II and Type III, though I find them awkward and fidgety to use." He held up massive paws, far too large to hold normal sidearms comfortably. "I'm trained to a passing grade in a form of Sirran martial arts and keep myself in shape with staff and knife practise."

"What about old types of weapons such as bows?" asked Paula as she knew that you could never be to sure incase you lost the side arm, this is what she had been trying to get others to understand, always be prepared and be ready to face the consequences.

Kare shook his head. "I've not trained with bows. They're cumbersome and not really suited for the often tight confines of a starship or starbase corridors." he explained, tearing another large bite of his meal. "Plus, standard humanoid bows tend to be too weak and small for someone of my size, and a properly weighted bow with appropriate draw length too large to use."

"I understand that Ensign, but what I am wanting to do is have the security teams not reliant upon thier sidearms," replied Paula looking back at the young security officer, "you can not be to careful," as she knew from her past experiance with Davina when they went camping one year when on shoreleave.

"Well, come up with a bow fit for my frame and I'll train on it, ma'am." he agreed. "It'd need to be small enough to be of use in confined spaces and heavy enough for me to be able to pull it to tension, instead of apart. Though, honestly speaking, I think I'd be more effective with thrown weapons. EMP grenades, flashbangs, frags, that kind of stuff."

"well, we can work on that when you are off shift," replied Paula looking back at the young Officer, "So do you fancy a drink?" she asked hoping that he might relax.

"Uh, sure. But I'm on duty, just enjoying my break, so an orange juice will do. Thanks." he offered a smile, continuing his meal.

Paula called the waitress over to her table, she said," One Orange juice and one large coke please with a burger and fries," as the waitress gave a nod and took her order, "So Ensign, How are you taking to station life?" she asked the young officer.

"It's good. Big improvement over that small ship." He flicked an ear, his rumbling basso profondo resonating. "At least I've got sufficient head room here, don't bang my head on doorframes nearly as much. And the doors seem to stay open a bit longer, too - haven't gotten my tail caught in a door since transferring."

"That's good to know," replied Paula, as she picked up her drink again and took a sip of the cold liquid, she said," I shall not keep you any longer Ensign, Dismissed,"

"Yes Ma'am." replied Kare, standing up again to leave.