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Paperwork and Maintenance

Posted on Tue Mar 5, 2019 @ 10:05pm by Lieutenant Natasha Winchester & Ensign Zerin Rolfe

Mission: That's No Moon...
Location: USS "Ernie" - Ready Room
Timeline: Backpost: Prior to the red alert

"How do you even have this much paperwork?" Zerin asked, looking at the piles of PaDDS that were loosely sorted across her desk and an adjacent table he had set up and was currently sitting at, his uniform jacket already off and hung neatly on the back of his chair. He had a few open in front of him that he was currently processing, mostly requisition orders for equipment needed for the U.S.S. Ernest Holmes.

Natasha gave him a look. "Those." Natasha pointed. "Are possible mission projects. That pile is candidates who for some gods forsaken reason want to join the team. That pile is requisitions for ship upgrades. This one is crew certifications that are outstanding. That pile is a compilation of our crew's physical and mental health progress. If you're curious, I failed that one. Probably because I don't sleep. Possibly childhood trauma." Natasha shook her head. "This doesn't even cover the good stuff like scientific and engineering papers to review."

Zerin chuckled. "Who would want to join this rag tag group? Whoever wants to join probably won't pass the mental health portion," He said finishing off another PaDD and putting it in the done pile. "I can unfail you on that if need be. My prescription is quite simply a good bar." He organized the pile in front of him and put them all away. "One more set done at least."

"My good fellow, as the Commanding Officer of this quaint little garbage scow, I want to be offended." Natasha said, mocking an overtly fake british accent. "But you are not wrong. This is an assignment I'm refusing people, so as not to damage some truly shining careers."

"Guess my career wasn't shining then?" He asked, mockingly offended. Clicking off another completed PaDD and putting it in the ever increasing pile. "Equipment requisitions are in. Seems like if we are lucky we'll have everything we asked for in a week."

"I never rely on luck. We might have to jerry-rig replacements. Fortuitously, that's basically how my career has reached this point." Natasha replied, chuckling at Zerin's response.

"Bubblegum and duct tape are already packed in my tool kit. You ask, I'll make it happen," He responded with a sly smirk. "Wouldn't be the first time." He started clicking through another PADD that was in front of him when a thought popped into his head and he checked his watch. "Oh, we've been at this for hours," He said sliding his chair over to the lit and busy console to check a diagnostic program running. "A few errors that need to get checked out in person, but nothing severe it seems from here. Should check them, but also a drink doesn't sound bad right now," he said trailing off, glancing over at Natasha.

"Drinks." Natasha said, shoving all of the PADDs off her desk. "If there was anything important in there, they'll call back. I'm done. I need a celebratory drinking trip. Let's go."

Watched all the PADDs go flying off her desk, wondering the lost time in organization of them, but then laughed internally knowing they probably weren't. "Sounds good!" He closed out the PADD he had in his hand and switched off the console. The computer could run itself in the background while they were gone. Zerin got up and stretched his back out both forwards and backwards, realizing he had been sitting too long. He lazily through on his uniform jacket and would straighten it out on their way. "I think there is a place two decks up from the umbilical connection," He said as they started their way out of Ernie. "Never been though."

"Well, can't have that. I have a reputation to maintain." Natasha said, with a laugh. "Let's get ourselves a drink and some trouble."

Zerin chuckled as they left the umbilical with a population of two, and stepped into the corridor with many people, officers, enlisted, civilians, moving every which way. "I'll need multiple drinks for the trouble to ensue."

"That's the second best thing I'm known for." Natasha gave him a mischievous look. "Quite a trouble maker."

Lieutenant Natasha Winchester


Ensign Zerin Rolfe.


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