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Little Sister's Arrival

Posted on Wed Feb 27, 2019 @ 7:21am by 2nd Lieutenant Todd "Snake" Carlson & Civilian Margo Carlson

Mission: That's No Moon...
Location: Docking ring/Promenade
Timeline: Current


Margo had not seen her brother in six years and she was eager to meet him. Mother and father pulled a few favors in to find where he was stationed, and now she was going to go there and start a clothing shop. It was something she had dreamed of since she was a young child. The shittle trip was long and somewhat uncomfortable but the idea of seeing him and the shop helped keep her centered. Margo was not partial to being logical and methodical as her mother would have liked but she had a head for business.

About 14 hours had passed and now the station, Vanguard Station, could be seen growing larger as the shuttle approached. 'Damn she is big', Margo thought, smiling. She hoped he was there to meet her as het excitement grew. Butterflies in her stomach, knees weak, she gathered her things and prepared to dosembark.

Todd was pacing the deck just outside of the hatch opening. Nervous, maybe a little scared, after all he had not seen his sister in six years, and now she was coming here to live and open up a shop on the promenade. He paled when the hatch door cracked and opened, she just stood there, the sister he loved, Margo.

Dropping her bags suddenly, Margo ran to Todd and hugged him tightly, "Todd....oh my god Todd....ypu are a sight for sore eyes", she said happily crying.

Holding his sister in a bear hug he kissed her, "'s good to see you. I am so pleased you decided to come here. How many favors did they pull in to find me?", Todd asked Margo.

"You have no idea", Margo laughed. "I already have a place rented for the shop. I am going to call it 'Margos Clothing Palace' and it is going to sell clothes for everyone. Men, women, and children, and for the other species that come here", she added.

Margo was bubbling over with excitement when a young man and his friend walked by and gave a wolf's whistle at Margo. Todd spun lightening fast and hooked the guy, "Watch it buster, THAT's MY sister", he said forcefully. Todd turned the guy loose and he and his friend fled fast.

"Margo you have to be careful here. It is a new station andI don't want to lose you to some smart ass guy who thinks he can get over. I know the chief of security and I can have someone there to make sure nothing goes wrong", Todd quipped.

"Oh were always the worry wart when it came to my safety. I remember when you got your ass whooped for sticking up for me", Margo said laughing. "You couldn't sit for week".

"Yeah...yeah....ok whatever", he said laughing. "Come on, let's get you settled into your new quarters", Todd daid picking up her bags and putting his arm around Margo's shoulder, they headed for her quarters.


2nd Lt. Todd "Snake" Carlson
Fighter Pilot
Vanguard Station SB 831

Margo Carlson
Civilian Shop Owner
Vanguard Station SB 831


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